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We offer the following general line products:

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What types of general line product do we carry?

- Sheet < 3/16

- Plate 3/16-6"

- Floor Plate / Expanded Metal Grating

- Beams

- Channels

- Angles

- Pipe

- Sq. Rect. Tube

- ReRod

- Remesh

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All general line products are available in carbon. Most of them are also available in aluminum or steel and may be available in alloy or tool steel. If you have questions about general line products, please contact us. You can also view the list above.


Save time and money by choosing our team for all of your steel and metal needs. We also offer saw cutting, flame cutting, shearing, and other services.

Our professional team is always here to help you. Let us know your exact specifications and we will provide you with the steel products you need. We offer delivery.


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